Are you unsure of what can cause blocked drains in Warrington? D4 Drains has the answers for you!

Drainage is a crucial system to the functioning of a household, yet it’s often overlooked. If you take care of your drainage, it can remain trouble-free for years.

This latest D4 Drains blog will help you understand how blocked drains in Warrington occur so you can prevent any blockages in your home!

What can cause Household Blocked Drains in Warrington?

Household blocked drains in Warrington can be a regular problem for homeowners that can cause serious issues to the house.

The regular problems behind blocked drains in Warrington are:

Collapsed Pipes

Collapsed pipes can be one of the worst issues that can happen to your drains.

Your drains usually collapse due to an insufficient level of maintenance and unrepaired damage.

You can usually tell if you have collapsed pipes due to the strong smell, which can be very unpleasant around your house.

Tree Root Damage

Tree root damage can take years to become noticeable in your drains, which is why it is essential to have your drains inspected and surveyed.

This can cause a blockage in your drains and will continue to grow and grow if it doesn’t get sorted.

Drainage Lining

Drainage lining is a method for unblocked drains, where a saturated liner is placed in the drain and shaped to the pipe.

This is done using specialist equipment such as air machines. This can last up to 50 years, which is very cost-effective.


Any hair can cause a drain blockage, but long hair is one of the significant causes of drain blockages.

Long hairs can wrap around pipe structures which causes drain clogging that affects the surface and more profound level of the drainage system.


Soap can cause a build-up in pipes due to the reaction between water minerals and acids in the soap.

This reaction can attract mould, which can be highly unpleasant in your household.

Mud & Dirt

Muddy clothing or shoes in the washing machine is one of the main factors of blocked drains.

Not only could excess dirt can cause damage to your pipes, but your washing machine could be affected too.


Food waste that does not go directly into the bin can cause a problem for drains.

Even in dishwashers, food not correctly disposed of can cause a blockage in the drains.

Toilet Paper

Even though toilet paper is supposed to be flushed down the toilet, it is the amount of paper which can cause issues in your home.

Too much toilet paper can clog the pipes; if the toilet is flushed, water could rise and flood the bathroom.

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