Blocked Drains Warrington is often overlooked as a problem that will fix itself over time.

This is the wrong attitude, as a fully-functioning drain is a vital cog in a happy home!

Taking care of your drains can minimise a host of household problems.

In our latest D4 Drains blog, we discuss why for Blocked Drains in Warrington, there’s nobody better than D4 Drains!

Blocked Drains Warrington – What are the common problems?

If you feel you may have a Blocked Drain in Warrington, whether in the kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere in your home.

In that case, it’s hugely important that you don’t let the problem fester.

Not only will this increase the risk of flooding and start to smell putrid, but untreated blocked drains also take a considerable longer amount of time and effort to clear.

But, what is the most common problems encountered by customers with blocked drains?

Kitchen Sink Blockages

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘throw the kitchen sink at it!’, but what we throw down  the sink that is the root cause of several kitchen sink blocked drain problems.

Food particles begin to clog sink pipes if not regularly maintained over time.

Leftover food should always be thrown away in your designated waste bins.

Many retailers like Amazon sell food waste/compost bins at reasonable prices – save your drains and the planet simultaneously!

Collapsed Pipes

A collapsed pipe can cause severe problems for your drains and home.

Drains will collapse if uncared for and neglected over a prolonged period of time.

A key indicator of collapsed pipes is a powerful unpleasant smell and a gurgling/rumbling noise from the blocked drains.

Drain Blockage by Debris

Mainly occurring in outdoor drains, debris can wreak havoc on your drainage and build up a backlog of muck if left unchecked/untreated!

If you’re able, regularly using a ladder to check outdoor drains is the best practice to take to check whether your drainage has blockage problems or not.

If you encounter debris problems, please don’t tackle them yourself; contact the professionals at D4 Drains!

Tree Root Damage

This kind of damage is difficult to detect as it can occur over several years unnoticed.

For this reason alone, it’s essential to regularly have your drains inspected and surveyed.

If left to grow, tree roots will continue to do so and cause problem after problem.

A selection of Drain Unblocking Services we offer

Drain Cleaning

A clean drain is a happy drain!

Drain cleaning is our favourite activity at D4 Drains, and luckily for you, we’ve got countless years of experience and expertise in doing so!

You won’t find any harsh chemicals at D4 Drains. We only use highly pressurised water that is super effective and reliable in unblocking drains across the North West.

Drainage Lining

Once unblocked, an industry tip for the long-term health of your drainage systems is to have them lined.

Shaped uniquely to your drains, this is done using specialist equipment and can last up to 50 years!

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