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Septic tanks have to be regularly cleaned, inspected and maintained. This is necessary not only from a cleanliness and aesthetic point of view, but also required according to current legislation. It'll reduce the risk of pollution and damage to the environment. If you're in or around Wigan or the North West of England, get in touch with D4 Drains Ltd for septic tank emptying.


We also provide drain services. Have a look at some images that display our services.

Septic tank emptying in North West of England

Licensed waste carriers

We're licensed waste carriers, and have many years of experience in cleaning all types of septic tanks and cesspools. We have a fleet of vacuum tankers and modern waste disposal equipment with which we pump out both domestic and commercial septic tanks. In order to prolong the life of your septic tank, as well as for its safety, we provide regular servicing and septic tank repairs.


D4 Drains Ltd provides septic tank services across the North West of England.

  • Septic tank inspections

  • Septic tank emptying

  • Septic tank cleaning

  • Septic tank maintenance

  • Septic tank repair

  • Cesspool cleaning

  • Grease trap cleaning

Our services

Our septic tank services include the following:

Conform to current legislation with expert septic tank maintenance. Call now:

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Expert septic tank maintenance

a septic tank lorry